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You really shouldn’t be scared or worried about having a go at the festival. It really is open to absolutely anyone to come and enjoy taking part on your own, or with a group.

​Have a look through our syllabus and if you see something you would like to have a go at, then this is what you do, and what happens next.

​Go to the FORMS tab and grab an entry form. Fill it in and send it to us at the address shown at the top of the form.

​When we get your entry, we validate it to make sure it makes sense. Have you filled in all the rights bits? Have we received your payment? Are you entering the right classes for your age and so on.

​When we reach the entry closing date, we then see how many people are going to take part in each class, and work out a sequence for the classes so they fit in each day, taking into account that we all need breaks during the day, not forgetting the rules regarding the adjudicator’s time.

​The Timetable’ is then published on this web site  and a programme is created. The timetable shows WHEN each class will take place and the programme shows WHO is in each class. You can see from the timetable when you should come for your classes and the programme will show who else is taking part in your class. We don’t publish the programme on the web site as it shows people’s names and we are concerned for your security that – shall we say – unscrupulous people may be able to determine when your home might be unoccupied (!).

​ON THE DAY. Please come to the venue at least 15 minutes before your class start time and report to our “COMPETITORS’ TABLE” where we will register your arrival.  Depending on what you are doing you may have been asked to bring a CD of your music for dance or a copy of your speech, drama or vocal score. Hand these to our steward at the table. Make sure, if you are singing, that you have an accompanist with you!

Please feel free to go into the hall and watch the classes before yours, but most essentially, go into the hall to take part in your class. We have no private classes at all and this, we find, encourages everyone to be relaxed and do their best.

When it is your turn, you will be announced by our announcer. TAKE YOUR TIME. Go to the performance area, and enjoy what you are doing.

Your performance will be watched by your peers, and also by a professionally trained and authorised adjudicator. The adjudicators are registered with the British and International Federation of Festivals and we have always found them to be extremely friendly, honest and, above all, supportive of all the performers. They will give you a personal professional adjudication, and you will take away a Mark Sheet with the adjudicator’s comments, a certificate and, if you have done particularly well, a medal, a trophy or even cash!

​It really is important to understand that we are not here to frighten you. Of course you may be nervous, but this is only to be expected. Our stewards are here to put you at your ease and guide you along if you’re concerned.

​And that’s all there is to it.